Babes Rock & Roll fly-in

Clockwise, from lower left:
Carleen, Tom "Cyrano," Maj "Merlot," Rob "Snack Boy," Dave "Batts," Barbara "Moxie," Kathy, Dian "Warbucks," and Tom "Picnic Boy." (Kathy's husband Den, was at, "the game.")

Maj brought the perfect shirt to wear the next day for our sojourn into the Hall of Fame...(that's a pink flamingo on there kids!) .... we didn't find Elvis on the way however, only on the inside. And not much there at that.... his stuff must all be at Graceland.

The group was split up, and Maj, Rob, Moxie and Tom got there early. But guess what? Burke Lakefront was practically right next store!! So we hoofed it over there to gawk at whatever planes we might happen to find at that pretty airport. While we were there, Rob "Snack Boy," showed us his flying club's headquarters, and some of the planes he flies.

Rob "Snack Boy"

And why do we call Rob "Snack Boy?" Because, once we got back to the hotel, and hopped into the hot tub, he showed up with a backpack full of Merlot and Chex Mix.... yum! Not to mention the three bottles of champange that Cyrano had forced upon us... Dave and Carleen, being the proud parental type babes they are, brought us all little "Duckettes" to play with while we were splashing around.

The Babes, of course, always keep their duckies in a row!

After our splash, it was time to go, "hit the town." Need I say more?

After a wonderful night, we nervously hit the sack... weather was predicting terrible storms for the midwest. When we woke up, the predictions were still not sounding good... I'm a lower time pilot, 165hrs, and I was flying left seat home with Maj in the right, (the opposite of the trip down) who not only has lots more experience, but also has her IFR. She reassured me that often storms like that dissipate, and that worse case scenario, we could land half way, and rent a car to get the rest of the way home.

She was right!!! We could see them to the southwest... my, they WERE beautiful, but they were "no factor."

Here's a pic after we've unloaded at DuPage... as you can see, Maj is beaming, and our luggage is full with flowers.

Next trip... New Orleans!


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