The Babes Meet Air Traffic Control
(the beginning of another adventure)

Green Bay ATC

Ring! Ring!

Maj: Hello?

Barbara: Maj! Itís a beautiful day and I canít get an airplane!!!

Maj: No problem. The Arrow and I will pick you up on our way to Green Bay to visit Steve.

Barbara: Good. This will give me a chance to try out my new GPS. I also need to figure out what to buy for my champagne brunch tomorrow. You can help me with my grocery list.

The trip started out uneventfully. Maj flew the Arrow and Barbara tried to figure out how to use her new GPS. However, Barbara had a few problems with her new GPS. For example, more than once it showed that the airplane was in Morocco... the country. As Pilot-in-Command Maj chose to ignore the remarks concerning aircraft position and just continued flying North. Sure enough, we found Green Bay right where it should be.

Maj: Green Bay Approach, could you tell Steve the Babes have arrived!

... a few minutes later ...

Steve: Hi Maj, where are you now?

Maj: Weíre on the ground headed for the tower.

Steve: Iíd suggest you turn left or right so you donít hit the tower.

Boy, you just donít get that kind of personal service from Air Traffic Control on a routine basis. However, this was NOT your usual Air Traffic Controller ... this was Steve, the Green Bay Sweetie! We parked the Arrow at the Jet Aire FBO and left one of our "Maj and Barbara Having a Bad Plane Day" pictures on their bulletin board.

We finally met Steve who took us on a tour of the facility including both the radar room and the tower. Barbara thought that being a Controller might be fun. We then stopped across the street for lunch and finally headed back. On the way home Barbara started worked on her grocery list.

Barbara: How much orange juice do you think I should buy for Mimosas?.... Plane at 2:00 headed right for us.... Do you think a half gallon would be enough?

Itís not every pilot who can spot airplanes... AND organize a Champagne brunch at the same time. Of course, Barbara is a Babe. The Pilot-in-Command is responsible for making sure take-offs equal landings; the Babe-in-Command is responsible for making sure we get to the party on time. Sure enough, it worked: Take-offs equaled landings and the Champagne Brunch was big success.

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