Barbara's Big Adventure


Maj decided to hang out in the right seat, look out the window and let Barbara drive to lunch. That meant Barbara would need to fly to DuPage Airport and pick up Maj. DuPage is a big airport, so itís easy to find -- just look for an airport with four runways and a 24 hour tower a few miles west of OíHare. Thatís not the big adventure. The big adventure was trying to find Maj once Barbara and Olí Beige had landed. Being Babes, and knowing we had many hours of gossip to share with each other, Barbara was able to find Maj. All she had to do was to look for a Babe jumping up and down on the ramp and waving her arms ... easy

We hopped in Olí Beige and headed off to the Runway 47 Cafť at the Morris Airport. When Barbara switched over to the CTAF frequency we head all sorts of chatter from planes flying in formation. As we got a little closer we saw eight planes in formation split apart in a knock-your-socks off maneuver. Barbara keys her mike:

Barbara: I donít know who you are, but I love you!

Response: We love you, too!

The planes landed then taxied and parked in formation. Wow! What a great show and it was free! These are the Lima Lima Flight Team (nickname: Lima Lima Hotshots), an aerobatic team from the Chicago area who fly T-34s. We had lunch, drank LOTS of decaf and purchased our Runway 47 Cafť mugs. (If you ever get there, be sure to get a coffee mug. $5. Itís a great buy.) We timed our lunch so that we would finish at the same time as the Hotshots and could watch the "show in reverse." Sure enough, the taxi-and-takeoff show was just as good as the landing-and-taxi show had been.

Once the T-34s were gone we hopped back in Olí Beige and headed back to DuPage. Again, it was pretty easy to find. The only excitement was that DuPage Tower changed our runway three different times before we were able to land. Barbara got to fly LOTS of approaches -- she definitely got her moneyís worth. Barbara dropped off Maj and headed back to Wisconsin.

Once again, a wonderful adventure.

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Lima Lima Flight Team
- Maj

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