Morris -- Saturday

The Fly-In to Morris has been planned for a couple of weeks. Barbara has emailed the Lima Limas to see if they will be in Morris – yup, they will. It turns out to be an odd mix -- lots of Wisconsin Babes, but only one Illinois Babe…and we’re eating in Illinois. Oh, well. Barbara and Maj have a full day planned. First checkrides, then flyin’ and eatin’ and finally the Opera. Barbara wants to get checked out at Maj’s flying club ( so that she can also act as PIC on longer flights. Maj needs her six month IPC (no holding pattern work) for currency. Well, that just about takes care of the morning. The only flying issue is that it is VERY windy with gusts over 30 knots. Luckily DuPage has four runways so you can always find one that works. The planes, pilots and instructors were "well bumped" by the time we returned to have our logbooks signed.

47 Cafe

We picked up Babe Bob (Kamikaze) and headed off to Morris. Sure enough, the Lima Limas and the Madison Babes were already there. We passed out Bad Plane Day pictures to the Lima Limas and generally had lots of fun. Barbara asked if she could get a ride – no. She told them about flying a T34 with the Sky Warriors in Atlanta – no. She begged – no. She fluttered her eyelashes and asked again – no. She ordered a chicken sandwich.

While we were eating lunch we got to hear all about Barb’s (Eagle Eye not Moxie) flying lessons. The big moment was to come halfway through lunch. The Lima Limas had arrived earlier than the Babes, had eaten lunch and were now ready to practice their air show maneuvers. We all jumped up from the table with our cameras and ran outside to take pictures of the Lima Limas taxing and taking off. As always, it was a wonderful sight.

Take off

Unfortunately, our decaf was REALLY cold when we got back to the table…so we all ordered dessert. While we were paying the bill we decided we were so proud of Barb for starting flying lessons we bought her a Runway 47 Café mug. It was then time to hop back in our airplanes and head home. Maj and Barbara still had to get ready for the Opera.

"Eagle Eye" and instructor "Valkryie"

Bob, of course, said he’d love to stop by Maj’s house for a glass of Merlot. Nuts, that meant Barbara and Maj would have to share…… Introductions were made (Bob met Princess and Oreo) and the requisite bottle of Merlot was opened. Now it’s time for the PICs (take-offs equal landings) to become BICs (getting to the party on time). That meant Barbara sat at the kitchen counter next to Bob putting on make-up while Maj threw jumbo curlers in her hair. The magic transformation was almost complete. We just needed to make a couple of quick decisions about shoes and purses. Bob was able to help select the appropriate purses and shoes for the occasion. Bob was acting as Babe-In-Command for the first time and did a great job. Barbara and Maj discussed promoting Bob to the exalted status of "one of the girls" but Bob declined. A couple of quick pictures and it was off to the opera. Hmmmmm….. I wonder if we’ll be hungry tomorrow……

Morris – Sunday

Barbara: Great night at the opera last night. I’m hungry. Do you want to fly or drive somewhere to get something to eat?

Maj: Hmmm. It’s a beautiful day and it’s short notice, but let me call my flying club and see if there’s anything available.

Club: Sure! The Saratoga’s available until 6:00pm. There’s a slight problem with the right wheel pant, but the plane is airworthy.

Maj: We’ll take it!

Barbara: Yippee!

We hop in our cars and head off to DuPage Airport. We preflight the plane and find that …yes … there is a slight problem with the right wheel pant. It’s cracked and has duct tape across it.

Maj: Barbara, there’s duct tape on the Saratoga. Do you know what that means?

Barbara: No, what does it mean?

Maj: WE’RE REDNECK PILOTS!!!! How embarrassing. We’ll never live this down.

Barbara: Well, just don’t tell anyone.v Maj: OK

We decided that we had such a great time at Morris, we would go back again. After all, we’ve eaten lunch there several times, but we’ve never made it to their breakfast buffet. Good decision … yum … the cinnamon rolls are homemade and are out of this world …. It’s a beautiful day, so we sat at a picnic table after brunch in the sunshine (all the sacrificial chickens did NOT die in vain) and watched all the comings and goings. Eventually, we saw the Lima Limas land. It was deja vu all over again! (I guess they already knew about the cinnamon rolls.)

There was as much excitement on the ramp as there was in the air. TV cameras, a guy in a blazer with a microphone and … wait … is that what I think it is? It’s two chicks in three inch spike high heels, pink and white Playboy bunny outfits and pink feathers in their hair. We were talking to the owner on an experimental ultralight who (LITERALLY) left in mid-sentence to get a closer look. Of course, we had to wander over and find out what was going on. Wouldn’t you?

Turns out to be a taping for a cable access show called Motorsports Unlimited. Bill Wildt (the guy with the microphone) is the producer of the show. They (obviously) do lots of shows about racing, but also do spots about other things that go fast … like airplanes. Morris is a busy little airport. They have an EAA chapter on the field, parachute jumping, an aerobatics school, lots of airplanes stopping in to eat at the restaurant and the Lima Limas. It was a great day to do a taping. Bill Wildt was interviewing lots of different people: EAA members, owners of aerobatics planes, parachute jumpers and, of course, the Lima Limas. The pink chicks were in ALL the pictures.

Pink Chicks

While they were doing a group shot of the chicks, the Lima Limas and their T34s, Barbara (Moxie to the max) went up to the producer and told him that we were the REAL Babes. After a quick thumbnail sketch about the Babes & Airplanes we were told, "Don’t go anywhere." After the Lima Lima segment, Bill Wildt said he would like to do some shots of the planes on the ramp. Everyone starts to head off in that direction.

Maj: Gee, the first plane in line on the ramp is mine.

Bill: You mean the pretty white one with the blue stripes?

Maj: Yup.

Bill: Come with me.

Next thing you know Barbara and Maj are standing in front of the Saratoga with a pink chick on either side of them. (We are now the envy of every male in a three county area.) There are parachute jumpers in the air behind us. The sun in shining. The rubber duckie is on the glare shield and is about to make it’s TV debut. We’re both having a bad hair day. The cameras start rolling. We are asked questions about Babes & Airplanes, about the Saratoga and about flyin’ and eatin’. He loved us!!! The show will air in the Chicago area in early May. We’ll keep you posted with details!

I know you’re thinking, "Gee, what a great adventure. Why are there still so many words left to read?"

Lima Limas: Yo, Babes! Wanna go flying with us?

Babes: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a quick re-explanation (see Morris – Saturday) of Barbara’s Sky Warrior adventure, she gets to ride with Rick. After dead silence from Maj when asked about aerobatics flying experience, she gets to ride with Gary. The Official Photographer jumps in another plane.

Gary: So, you haven’t had any aerobatics flying experience?

Maj: I once flew with my next door neighbor in his Lancair.

Gary: OK. So, do you have any jumping experience? Have you ever been in a parachute?

Maj then gets the quickest parachute explanation on record. Also an explanation about "exiting" the plane in an emergency while wearing a parachute. (Listening to the flight attendants talking about floor lighting in the event of an emergency just doesn’t hold a candle to this ….)

We taxi to the runway and wave to the cameras. We’re ready to take off…in tandem… This is impressive. We start with the diamond formation. Having airplanes all around (and you’re NOT on the ramp) is very impressive. We head off to the practice area. Maj had read the NOTAM about this practice area and now the Babes were actually flying in it. (It’s not everyday that you’re IN a NOTAM.)


The Babes get to fly the ENTIRE air show program with the Lima Limas. Opposing loops, Wedge Loops, Wedge Passes, Cuban Eights, Barrel Rolls, WOW! The Official Photographer is snapping pictures. Every time Gary looks back, Maj is smiling. Every time Rick looks back, Barbara is smiling. Every time the Official Photographer snaps a picture, the Babes are smiling like crazy. Eventually we land again at Morris. We decide that we need one more group picture…exactly like the previous group picture, except now there’s a Babe on either end instead of a chick.

Real Babes

Babes: Boy, you guys sure know how to show a girl a good time. Thank you so very, very much.

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