The "not lost" earring.

Once upon a time, Maj visited the Save-a-Connie Museum in Kansas City. She toured the Museum, toured the TWA Lockheed Constellation on the ramp and bought a pair of airplane earrings in the gift shop. (Babes shop.) While trying on sweaters during this winter’s mark-down sale (Babes shop), Maj lost one of her earrings.

Maj: Barbara, I’m so upset. I lost one of my airplane earrings. Kansas City is too far to go to buy another pair of earrings. I can’t buy airplane earrings from Sporty’s catalog. I haven’t seen any on the web sites. The only place I can possibly think of to buy earrings is the EAA Gift Shop.

Barbara: What a great idea! Let’s eat at Friar Tuck’s first, then go shopping.

(WOW! Flyin’ Eatin’ Shoppin’ What a great adventure!)

The Babes (Maj, Barbara and Bob) make arrangements to meet on Sunday at Friar Tuck’s for lunch and then go shopping. Bob’s not real happy about shopping. (Babes Shop. Hmmmmm, maybe Bob’s not a real Babe.) However, since the Babes will be shopping at the Gift Shop at the EAA Museum, Bob figures he can go look at airplanes instead of jewelry.

While Maj is pre-flighting the Archer, one of the CFIs and another person wander over. Oops, it looks like a possible schedule conflict.

Maj: It’s MY plane. I’m going shoppin’ and you can’t have it!!!!

CFI: No problem. It wasn’t for a lesson. He’s from out of town and just wanted to go for a ride.

Maj: Hey, would you like to go to Oshkosh for lunch?

Stranger: Sure. (Poor guy had NO idea what he was getting into……)



After quick introductions (Maj and Firooz) we hop in the Archer and head off to Oshkosh. Maj asks where he’s from. Not New York; not California; not Iowa – Great Britain! Firooz will be in the Chicago area on business for the week. He came in on Saturday and drove by DuPage Airport on the way from O’Hare to his hotel. Since his meeting won’t start until Monday, he had Sunday all to himself. He’s a student pilot in the UK and decided he’d like to fly in the US. What a treat!

Maj explains about Oshkosh, the Experimental Aircraft Association and the EAA Museum. She tries to explain about the Babes and shopping. Firooz isn’t sure about the shopping bit, but he’s a trooper. (He’s also figured out that it’s a LONG walk back to Chicago from Oshkosh….) Maj also explains that Bob will be thrilled to have another guy along, so that he can look at airplanes and won’t have to go shopping after all. Another guy -- Firooz breathes a sigh of relief.

When Maj and Firooz are approaching Waukesha, Maj switches frequencies to UES Tower. Great timing – Barbara and Bob are just getting their take-off clearance! Since Barbara and Bob are in the 235, they scream past the Archer and land first. Barbara requests a taxi to Friar Tuck’s. Maj lands next.

Oshkosh: Where do you want to taxi?

Maj: The 235 and I are both going to have lunch at Friar Tuck’s.

Oshkosh: Archer, you’re cleared to follow company traffic.

Maj: (Company traffic? Hmmmm. I didn’t know the Babes had incorporated. I have to talk to Barbara about this.)

The Pipers eventually snuggle up next to each other on the ramp behind Friar Tuck’s. Introductions are made. Bob and Firooz are both VERY happy to see another guy. This means they WON’T have to go shopping. We head in for lunch. Maj orders a Root Beer. (Yum, Root Beer…) Firooz asks about Root Beer. Is it like a Pilsner? A Lager? An Ale? And, if Maj is drinking, how is he supposed to get back to Chicago? Root Beer is explained. All is well.

Friar Tuck's
Next comes the explanation of the Babes. (This is not nearly as easy as explaining Root Beer.) We also explain about "handles."

Maj = Merlot Barbara = Moxie Bob = Kamikaze

Firooz will need one now that he is part of a Babes’ Adventure. Since he’s from the UK, selecting his handle is not a long process:

Firooz = Churchill

Many, many flying stories are exchanged during lunch. (Yum, Root Beer….) Firooz’s wife wasn’t happy about golf taking up so much of his time. She suggested he should find another hobby. He decided to take up flying and he’s hooked. She’s still kicking herself for that suggestion……

The Babes then hop in the shuttle bus and head off for the EAA Museum and Gift Shop. Churchill decides that he really should pick up something to take back home. Kamikaze finds a book about the RV6 that he’s building. A couple of quick purchases (Babes shop) and the Boy Babes head off to look at airplanes. Moxie and Merlot then go into power shopping mode. The goal is to do our part to personally stimulate the local economy. Several hundred dollars later we feel that we have reached our goal. The Bad Plane Day picture is taped to the cash register at the EAA Gift Shop. Maj has a new pair of airplane earrings. All is right with the world.

When the Museum and Gift Shop close the Babes hop back in the shuttle bus and return to the Pipers. Lot of pictures are snapped. The Babes reflect on Churchill’s adventure. He’s been in the USA exactly 24 hours. He (naively) goes to DuPage Airport and expects a quiet flight – his first outside the UK. Instead, he is whisked away by a Babe. He meets other Babes. He samples Root Beer for the first time, is assigned a "handle" and gets the opportunity to visit the EAA Museum. All this in one day. We all agree that he can’t tell ANYONE about his adventure because NO ONE will believe him. On the other hand, the adventure has to be true. Who could make up a story like this?

Yup, all is right with the world.


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