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Thank You

Maj and I finally met after months of e-mailing back and forth over the spring and summer of '97. Since we live over 100 miles apart, we thought it would be perfect to each take a plane, and rendezvous at Lakelawn. Mother nature didn't cooperate. (no surprise here in the midwest) So, we decided to have a "drive-in." We picked Grand Geneva. As Maj puts it, "it was equally inconvenient for both of us."

Mind you, I had no idea what Maj looked like, other than that she was a tall blonde. I walked into the lobby, and didn't see anyone fitting her description. Luckily, we each had dragged our cell phones along (thank goodness it's the nineties). I called hers. A woman was walking towards me with her purse ringing. Maj!!!!!!

Here's the pic from the first day we met at Grand Geneva.

We immediately bonded and have been causing mischief continuously since that very day.

Naturally, we're not happy to to "just" go flying a couple, three times a month...and coerce everyone else we know into rendezvouing with us too....nooooo....we MUST make time to get together inbetween flights also. After all, being a Babe is, not to just fly and eat, but also to eat and drink Merlot. Luckily, Maj, on occasion, has need to come to my area, and you guessed it....we go eat and perhaps tip a little wine (good for the blood pressure) and plot and scheme our next adventure....I think this is one of the nights the idea for this website was hatched.

Here we are at the "Taste of New Orleans," please note the abundance of food for two small gals....and we always clean our plates too! I think I've been on a steady diet since the day I met Maj.

Maj, thank you for being a good friend, for going along with some of my loopy ideas, and for providing the bulk of the text for this website. And it don't hurt that you like flamingos so much either.

Thank you Waylon

My son, without whom this website wouldn't exist. He's a 3D computer graphics major at UW Madison, and has been programing since he was six years old. I knew absolutely nothing about programing in html. Waylon set up the basic format, and taught me how to cut and paste, how to scan and modify, how to build new pages and make artwork. He also made our rose logo. And then, after he cut me loose, he still always answered questions and solved insurmountable problems for me....and all of that, mostly via e-mail from another city!!! Thank you Waylon! Here's Waylon's website.
Waylon's "Art and Photography"

That's him on the right, in this pic of the incredible 14 foot snowman (with wings and a mohawk) my kids built...for reference, Waylon's 6'1". My daughter, Anna is on the left. She still lives at home with me, is wonderful company, and is an unbelievably talented musician. Many nights, while I worked on this site, I was also enjoying listening to her piano or guitar playing-she's fabulous!


And also, thanks to Wolfgang. Wolfi is also a computer programer, and helped tons with html issues. He's also an artist, and gave me lots of good feedback on challenging art issues....the pink text was his idea. Reads well and is a great Babe kinda color. He's also a his book. "The Aleutian Kayak" Origins, Constuction, and Use of the Traditional Seagoing Baidarka.
Check out Wolf's website.

"That's the sharpest Bonanza I've ever seen."


That's what ATC said when we were making a steep, low turn at twilight to stop for a bite at Friar Tuck's on the field at Oshkosh.

Scott, thank you, endlessly, for introducing me to flying!!!! For being my AOPA Pilot Mentor, and for patiently answering my steady stream of questions.

Thanks to Lonnie Behrens for actually teaching me to fly.

Spring City Aviation
Hangar 536
Northview Road
Waukesha, WI, 53188
(Many had failed, but Lonnie wouldn't let me give up!)

"Thanks to Patty for being an inspiration to us all!"


Thanks to all the Babes that have encouraged me in this endeavor....and humored me and sent me their pictures......without you it would be Babe & Airplane....I like Babes & Airplanes much, much better.

Thanks to AOPA for having the website that allowed us all to meet and become friends.

And last, but not least, thanks to Ralph, without whom this group of people wouldn't exist....Ralph, I hope you think we're "good lookin'." (And thanks to GDH for egging us on....moo!)

(Whoops! That's "Babes & Planes," not "Babes & Trains."....Sorry!) - Barbara

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