Southern Hospitality

What a cool day! I arrived at the Wilson airport this morning around 9:00. Shortly afterwards, Maj & Froggie landed. After pointing them towards the coffee and introducing them to Donnie Boyette (PoorBoy) and Mike Creey (AOPA boards), we stood around the ramp and waited for CarolT & Pete to arrive.

They made it in around 10:15 and more introductions were made. Maj finally got her living proof that CarolT really does exist. Carol passed out these really cool duck pins and gave a special frog pin to Froggie.

Not long after that, we climbed aboard the courtesy van and headed for food. Since the recommended restaurant was closed for lunch (I'm still trying to figure that one out), we invaded Applebee's instead. (Actually, Donnie's wife, Ellen, chauffeured us around.)

We pigged out (of course), Maj made us all look at 200 lbs. worth of pictures, (which explains why it took us 2 hours to eat) and swapped stories.

Back at the airport, the local EAA pilots were giving the Young Eagles plane rides. 91 kids in all received rides and Donnie must've carried over 20 of them. I even got to fly his plane from the right seat on his last flight.

So there was good company, good food, new friends, cool airplanes and you should've seen the smiles on the kids\rquote faces. Can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday.

And yes... there is a 'Bad Plane Day' picture on the bulletin board.

by Winger

I was proud to have the Babes come to Wilson for an official Southern Babes meeting. Meeting Babe's Founder Maj was indeed an honor. She's a super Lady!!!!! It was good to see Rick again and of course Carol, our Super Southern Babe Leader. Pete, enjoyed meeting you. (Anyone who puts up with Carol full time, my hats off to you. Do you cut off the intercom while you are flying with her???) Just Kidding Carol. :-)

Then there is Bill (Winger), Fla. transplant who has moved in to our neighborhood. What can I say? For those of you who know him, you know what I mean. Might make a Cherokee driver out of him yet.

Hope you enjoyed it gang. Wish I could have gone to lunch, but Carol manages to appear on all the days I've got something going on at the airport. I'm beginning to think she plans it that way. Oh well, for any Babes coming this way, let me know and I will do all I can to make your visit a pleasant one.\line Again thanks and Blue Skies to all,

Donnie (Poorboy)

Pictures to follow!!!

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